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President's Message 

"Technology Transfer is a Contact Sport" – this is a theme that I have used over the last 20 years to focus people’s attention on the issues surrounding successful commercialization of early-stage technology and potential new products.  Moving technology from the research laboratory to the market place is a series of critical, interlocking steps, the most important of which is contact between the right parties at the right time.   Experience, expertise and professional assistance is necessary to thrive in the technology commercialization industry.  This is the reason that I created Technology NOW.  

After 13 very successful years at University Technologies International Inc., 8 of those as its President & CEO,  I left UTI in late 1999 to establish a company of my own which could concentrate on specific areas of the technology commercialization spectrum, areas which I feel are very exciting and critically important; the transfer, use, development, manufacture, and marketing of intellectual property and the training of those individuals involved in this areas.                                          

New products and technology do not succeed for many reasons: bad timing, wrong pricing, heavy competition. Often, however, failure may be rooted in a more complex problem - limited access to a timely flow of strategic management, training and mentoring expertise.  New companies often fail to achieve their full potential as solid economic generators because they do not receive crucial advice and direction at an early enough stage of their development.  This is particularly true of leading edge companies which are often lead by the technology developer, an expert at research, but often inexperienced at running a company. This issue is often more critical than locating financial investment. 

It has been my experience that by providing entrepreneurs and technology managers with practical guidance and appropriate training tools in the early days of technology development or company creation, that the likelihood of a successful outcome greatly increases. Technology NOW provides its clients with quality expertise, business acumen, technical knowledge and focused training courses and individual coaching to move a  laboratory discovery from the bench to the marketplace.

Our clients include academic institutions, government organizations and laboratories, technology networks, small and medium sized companies and individuals with great ideas.  All of them have a need to better understand how to exploit the value of their inventions and discoveries. Whether creating a patenting and licensing strategy, negotiating the terms of a deal, or training new employees in the fundamentals of technology transfer and commercialization, Technology NOW has been there to help.

For those of you are unfamiliar with our services or business philosophy, I encourage you to contact  me directly."

Beverley A. Sheridan

Beverley Sheridan Biography

Ms Sheridan is the 2001 recipient of the YWCA Women of Distinction Award, Science, Technology and Environment

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